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Front signal light not working

) Switch the #7 yellow and #7 green wire where they go into the 4-way connectors. . Both are the normal indications for a burned out bulb. If you find that your Honda Accord turn signal is not working, you will find your replacement quickly and easily at partsgeek. Long story short, I ended up replacing every bulb in the front left and back left light. Get an estimate instantly. My trucks been fiddled with here there and everywhere fro. Turn the left signal light on; go to the front of the vehicle, is the turn signal bulb illuminated? If it lights up, even though it is not blinking obviously the bulb is okay. Hello, I am glad someone referred me to this forum. The reason that the Right turn signal blinks fast is that there is half the normal load (resistance) on the right side, since the Right front turn signal isn't working. I’m not kidding. When I switch on Hazard light, light doesn't work for left signal only. if so , can you tell me what to take apart and what to look for? any help would be greatly appreciated. My front right turn signal was not working. com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=GF2SWN5V3KG2L E Turn signal problems, and diagnosis can get confusing. passenger side blinkers are fine. The bulbs are fine, based on the fact that the parking lights work (same bulbs). I checked the power going to the low beam and high beam both have power. I am reading about DRL module possibly being the problem. The front turn signal/park light socket is shown in the following picture. the left turn signals does not work no clicking sound no flashing lights. In the steering column the signal lever is operating the signal light switch from its own fuse and flasher. nice and bright. So in order to keep the front LED as a running light and a turn signal I picked up a trailer taillight converter. I replaced bulb and socket. Expect to pay between $9. Some vehicles have separate flasher relays for turn signals and hazard lights. Then, unplug each light bulb's wire harness, and replace both bulbs with new ones. i have sequential turn signals and when i replaced my regular bulbs with these led's they started going way too fast. When I turn the right turn signal or hazards on the right front turn signal gets a little brighter but does not blink. Buy Partsam 2X 3157 3357 3457 Switchback Amber White Front Turn Signal LED Light 60 Epistar LED Bulb High Bright Turn Signal Light: Turn Signal Bulbs - Amazon. This sounds like a ground problem on the right side. but recently it went back to not working and has stayed that way a while now. to know whether your light needs to be changed without getting out  Aug 20, 2013 So when she was braking her rear brake lights weren't coming on at all, Not I. When I start the car the drivers side turn signal on the hood comes on steady. The left turn signal works fine. 3 to . -Application: Front Turn Signal. This particular light assembly had water in it, so I was pretty sure that the socket and bulb would be damaged. high beams work fine. So my 2001 tacoma right front signal does not work. When I started it, it blinked. Hi, i have benz w220 2003 get flooded and found rear sam damage, replaced and now comand not working, and srs alarm activated, front light left side low beam not working, and right turn signal and foglight not working any advice and help, my battery before dead and now voltage before starting 12. Both the front and rear turn signals are working. driver side front light and blinker works fine. If it doesn't, replace it- problem solved. Just does not blink. Even though the light itself is still on. The fuses under the dash and in the engine compartment are ok. I verified that the tail light and reverse light is working. Remove the front signal bulbs and turn the signals on. No click/ticking sound can be heard. Im confused as to how the radio involves the flashers. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. My front right brake lamp does not. The bulbs are fine, based on the fact that the parking lights  3G TL Problems & Fixes - omg, please help (turn signals not working, turn signal light stuck in dashboard) - SO. good luck Turn signal bulb does not work or works periodically in the front. I have the projector headlights with led turns in the front and led brake/turn lights in the rear that the Laramies come with. It did not light up on the indicator panel either. . Not really sure where to go from here to figure this out. Your definitive guide to Turn signal light is not working Inspection. Jul 6, 2006 Right turn signals (front and back) and right emergency flashers are not working. turn signal doesn't work, otherwise the  Apr 9, 2015 I have work sport trailer and my left turn signal doesnt want to work but all other lights do even when I have my four ways on the left tail light will  Jan 25, 2016 Hyperflashing is when the turn signals blink faster than your stock incandescent bulbs did. (Sometimes the a bad front light will prevent the rear from working. Bulbs seem good fuses seem good. (normally) My rear blinker would blink really fast, but my front signal doesn't blink at all. I have similar problem. However, after a while, this will go away and everything will work fine. Also whenever I wiggle or try pushing in the connection behind the assembly it starts working fine, but when I let go, it stops If the indicator light stays on but doesn't flash, the problem is likely to be a faulty turn signal flasher and needs to be replaced. On each instance, the left rear turn signal light will not work. any udates to this? the exact same just happened to me last night, but in addition, headlights wont work now either. I need to start this troubleshooting again. According to the manual this indicat Mar 5, 2019 This guide helps you diagnose turn signal problems when one or more of the signal lights refuses to work. any info may help. I put a new bulb in the rear drivers side turn signal and replaced the fuses, but it's still not working. The video above shows you how to change a burnt out front turn signal bulb on your 2014 Ford Escape. I plan on checking the passenger front bulb tomorrow. There is no sound or blinking lights of any kind in the interior when putting on the right turn signal or emergency No signal light on one side, but you have the opposite signal, plus brake lights on both sides. Mercedes-Benz Front Turn Signal Wont Function C320 and other model Mercedes-Benz vehicles around the 2000-2005 year models that have malfunctioning front turn signals. The rear blinker light picks up juice just upstream of fuse 10. ok! here we go. When the vehicle lights are turned on, all four bulbs light up. Free Same Day Store Pickup. light works fine. It turns on when the lights are on, but will not flash when the indicator signal is turned on the steering column. Next full moon the electrical system will start working again. I plan to replace the rear turn signal tomorrow. my suggestion would be How to Replace a Front Signal Light on a Cadillac CTS by Allen Moore . about 20 min ago, as I was about to make a turn  (and the light bulb was changed) - So I have had wonderful luck on this My newest problem is on my 04 CTT is that my right front turn signal  Depending on the position of the turn-signal stalk, the power either stops in the switch or gets sent to the left or right turn-signal lights (including the indicator  After you replace the light bulb, if the turn signal still malfunctions, the problem may be a bad turn signal switch or a bad flasher unit. This module would cost over $300 on line. These housing assemblies use Ford basic part numbers 13201 (for driver’s side) and 13200 (for passenger side) and are bro- Volkswagen Beetle Parking, Corner, Side Marker, Signal Light Replacement Side Marker, Signal Light Replacement. When I signal right, the signal bulb does not blink. This is a discussion on Right turn signal out within the Dodge Dart Electrical Problems forums, part of the Dodge Dart Forum - Pit Row category; I have a 2015 dart. My problem sounds simple, I guess. I noticed that the turn signal wasn’t working on the right side, so I replaced the bulb. Same thing almost with my 05 Malibu my tell light on driver side is not working the brake light will come on but that's it bulbs are good But now I just noticed when I put my foot on the break the turn signal light comes on the passenger Side it does not flick just lights up green Just got the car yesterday plz help????? my left brake light/turrn signal is not working causing it to flash faster than normal. I also cleaned the part of the car frame where the ground connector makes contact. This should be   Bad socket/bulb on one of the front parking lights or a bad ground on one of the front Why do my hazard lights work, but not my turn signals? I have a 1999 Sportster 883 hugger. While the turn signal or hazards are turned on, the rear one flashes much faster than usual. 4! so my driver front turn signal is not working! pariking light works fine, bulb looks good. Parts T10 torx screwdriver phillips screwdriver if mk4 VW Passat Left turn signal VW# 1k0 949 101 (1k0949101) All turn signal lights stopped working. It never used to do this. Most common problem sources include bulbs, wires, connectors, fuses, flasher units, and switches. Right Turn Signal and Brake Lights Not Working on Trailer Towed by a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Question: My right signal/brake light on my camper is not working so I checked the plug on the vehicle and it did not have power to the wire that controls the right signal and the brake lamp. At night, LED signal lights give out a more precise light compared to its predecessor, the regular incandescent light bulbs. This could indicate bad bulbs or bad ground in both housings. What’s the problem? Bad relay? 1) Turnsignals all stock means the front signal lights one of the two filaments in the front; the rear signal lights use single filiament lights. The turn signal not working makes sense because with the brake lights, there is a constant signal coming through which is enough to make the lights illuminate on both sides like they should. The driver unit can be mounted to the body panel but finding the right position with the little amount of room behind the light assembly was a pain. Sometimes the electrical  May 11, 2015 You typically can't see your turn signal lights when you're inside your car. The location and number of the turn signal light fuse in Corolla models vary, so you have to check your vehicle owner's manual. paypal. They were installed in the rear. turn signal intermittent. Troubleshooting a Right Turn/Brake Signal on a Pop-Up Camper Trailer; Troubleshooting Left Side Turn Signal Not Working On Trailer; Availability of Peterson 440 Trailer Taillight; Troubleshooting Lights Not Working on Trailer; Troubleshooting Pop Up Camper Light Signal Working With One Vehicle and Not Another front or back or the dash light do not come on my hazzard lights are working fine so i know its not the bulb right turn signal not working. I have been researching on the web on this problem and someone mentioned the Emergency Flasher could be the problem. my green instrument light on the dash even indicates the light is "on" flashes fast. The lights should all stay on about . Upon pulling the rear bulb housing, I noticed the turn signal light socket was burnt in appearance. the front urn signal works fine, it's just the rear that has the issue. When I use my right turn signal, neither the lights nor the dash signal work. I have a 2009 ML320 and about a month ago my headlights stopped working, low beam, high beam, marker light on the LH side and front turn signal on the LH side. Not sure what this means - it doesn't make sense. In poking around, I figured out that the brake light was working, so the high filament was getting electricity through the brake circuit, but not through the turn signal circuit. The low and high beams, along with the position (parking) lamp and front turn signal, are all realised with LEDs. When I actuate right signal, rear signal bulb flashes fast. I don’t want you to die. front, back or inside the dash. When my parking lights and headlights are off, the turn signals on my 77 F-150 work fine. I replaced the front bulb thinking that the rear would go back to normal. Gain access to the headlight housing through the trunk. Since you were associating it with the tail and license plate light, I am guessing perhaps this is what you are referring to. I checked the fuse and that was fine. Thought it was a simple fix, but could not change the bulb because I had to remove the shroud around the right wheel Once installed I tried the turn signal but neither the front passenger turn signal nor the signal on the mirror work. The Cadillac STS Failure of Front Turn Signal and DRL Bulbs - 40 reports. Not so. ok, so i bought some led's to replace my turn signal up front. com. Today, I replaced the bulb that I thought was bad. I got a left turn signal out message this morning on my way to work. I changed the bulb with no change in function. all front and rear light works fine. I had something similar the right front signal would be intermitant, changed the headlamp assembly and it would work and then not work. It is the recessed white part at the very center of the picture. This is generally caused by a poor ground to the bulb. Does anybody else have any idea what it Right turn signal is working fine. My front left brake lamp comes on when I turn on the running lights. 10 product ratings - For Toyota Front Turn Signal Light Socket Genuine LED, which stands for light-emitting diode, is a solid semi-conductor device, designed to emit light. Rear blinker not working. Rt. 5) I've checked all other fuses. blinks rapidly 8 Answers. Left turn signal won't light on the instrument panel either. Steering column cancel cam does not work for left signal, does work for right. on then only the front blinkers work and the rear lights light up but do not blink. ) I replaced the bulb and retested with the right turn signal switch, right front turn signal bulb still does not light. My right front turn signal light does not flash. The turn signal in my mirror is hyper-flashing. Easy walk-through of diagnosing a turn-signal "flasher" problem. May 23, 2019 A bad turn signal is either a bulb or a relay flasher problem. Old owner Left front bulb and dash indicator bulbs are good, verified them twice. I know what you are thinking. A direction signal system is designed to operate with a flasher or blinker unit which interrupts the signal which created the blinking action. If the rear blinker is working and the front is not, check the juice from fuse ten to the front blinker socket. Right turn signal is not working. So I had pretty much the same problem on my 06 fusion, right front signal not working, good bulb, etc Using this forum and other sources, I came to the conclusion that the sjb had to be replaced. Your lights probably need replacement. I took it to the dealer and they could not even figure out the problem and said they have never heard of this problem. 4) I Replaced flasher module. All working well till about a month ago. This guide  When I turn on the hazard flasher, the lights blink at a normal rate. If your left or right turn signals (side mirror, headlight or tail light) have stopped working, the problem may be caused by any of the following: faulty SAM module, combination switch, blown fuse or a bad relay, etc. Yet the Wrangler's run on a 3-wire (1 running light, 1 turn signal, and 1 ground). The element cannot utilize the main bulb ground so it uses a back fed ground from the park light element. No turn signals in front or rear also no brake lights. With the hazard light button in the active position it opens the signal light circuit and applies power from a different fuse than the signals and flashes front and back signals left and right. 5V now car used only few hours over one month because the issues please refer to my post I just finished wiring my front turn signal LED's. Compatible with: 7443 7440. Occasionally, my left rear turn signal will stop working. 55 for a Honda Accord turn signal replacement. What is working is my headlights and tail lights. What that means is the fronts have "running light filiament AND a signal filiament", the backs have a single filiament that only has a single turnsignal filiament, with the brake light coming on when UPDATE: still not working Still can't get the rear left turn signal to work. Alright so I just installed a new set of front turn signal housings and upon completion when I pull the light switch half way only the Driver Side lights up and the passenger side does not. Find great deals on eBay for toyota tacoma turn signal socket. Service, parts, cost & recommendations from YourMechanic. However, the front driver's side turn signal works just fine, but it flashes quickly. If the turn signal (also known as a blinker or flasher) blinks rapidly or doesn't blink at all / stays stuck when engaged, this is your Escape's way of telling you that a turn signal bulb is burnt out. The right turn, stop and hazard is not working. The thing is I did not want to spend 600$ at the dealership and the rewiring using the rear turn signal did not appeal me at all. 05 and $16. My right turn signal did not function. May 21, 2018 Step 3 - When a turn signal flasher or relay fails the blinkers will not operate when this module has a problem various lights will fail to operate  The turn signals do not flash or they may flash in only one position or one side . You'll do the same procedure for the rear turn signal Is that lit up? If not replace the bulb and the problem is solved. I am not sure where to find the relay on my truck. The perform service light was also illuminated; however, they are unable to turn it off. No good. I tried reading the wiring diagram and have no clue where to start. Just found out that also my brake lights are not working. (I change rear light circuit boards every couple of years as needed solving brake light and other signal problems). The rear signal is working. Any other thoughts as to the cause of this not working? When operating the turn signals in either direction the rear light would not work intermittently at first, and then permanently. Rear one does not blinks and arrows flashes rapidly. Few weeks ago my right blinker/running light through a warning, after two drive cycles it was gone and working. Especially when a system shares wires and connections with the parking, warning, and braking light systems. when i turn on left turn signal the relay goes radidly and the rear flashes but nothing in the front. Right and Left signal lights are down on my Corolla 1998; not only all four signal lights are not turning on, but also it doesn't show on the dashboard. Any signals that either do not light up or begin flashing rapidly may need to have a bulb replaced. I double checked both front and rear turn signal bulb, and I don't think it's a bulb issue. Hazards switch and turn indicators share much circuitry (all lights and wiring to them) and most comes together at a common meeting point, the hazard switch. Oct 30 2013, 12:47am. My left rear brake light and turn signal does not work, any idea what might be the problem? I have a 08 4 door Jeep Wrangler, and for some reason my left rear brake light and turn signal are not working. I'm not sure where under the hood the relay Could be. Step 3 - When a turn signal flasher or relay fails the blinkers will not operate or come "ON", but not blink. How much does Turn signal light is not working Inspection cost? Get an estimate instantly. but they are not working properly. If the turn signal (also known as a blinker or flasher) blinks rapidly or doesn't blink at all / stays stuck when engaged, this is your 328i's way of telling you that a turn signal bulb is burnt out. I haven't had access to the truck for a while but my son is out of town and I have the truck for a week. Turn signal problems Your front light is dual filament by the way, which means the running light and blinking light are not the same. Donate: https://www. Driver's side tail light brake light and turn signal not working . Same thing almost with my 05 Malibu my tell light on driver side is not working the brake light will come on but that's it bulbs are good But now I just noticed when I put my foot on the break the turn signal light comes on the passenger Side it does not flick just lights up green Just got the car yesterday plz help????? Today’s car series post is on how to tell if your turn signal bulb has burnt out, which is a very important, potentially life or death situation. just curious what the end result was. 1) I changed bulbs 2) I replaced wire harness from junction box to tail light assembly. If the turn signal is working it's either the brake light switch or the turn signal switch. Also hazards work but again passenger side is Front right signal not working. Also, when the right rear blinks do BOTH filaments in the front right bulb glow when the lights are on? This corroded the circuit board. Check the front signal light. Right turn signal works fine, hear flasher relay clicking Left (drives side) turn signal is not working. on my 98 expy 5. I also noticed that when I have the headlights on, the front turn signal does not work. Right turn signals (front and back) and right emergency flashers are not working. But if the indicator light stays up and flashes at a normal rate, check the front and rear turn signal lights to see if all the bulbs are working. When I put the hazards on, the right side blinked twice along with the left, then stopped. -The bulbs is Not compatible with CK/SRC The left turn signal and the brake lights failed intermittently. I got it working after a quick repair but I threw out the assembly because the cover was cracked and replacements are cheap. My front right doesn't work at all, though a functional bulb is in there. The front passenger light assembly is made up of four bulbs - a signal bulb, a smaller marker bulb, a regular headlight bulb and a high-beam headlight bulb. Same issue . I checked outside and the front signal bulb was out and the rear left signal was blinking fast. No blown fuses that I can see. My front left turn signal works fine. Step 2. How to Install Load Resistors for LED Turn Signal Lights: Why are installing load resistors necessary for LED turn signal lights? If you don't install load resistors (also known as equalizers) with LED turn signal bulbs, you will experience the notorious hyper flash issue. One evening, a couple months ago, Brad and I ran into our next door Outer light on both sides not flashing or flashing very dim: If the inner and center lights are flashing correctly and the outer light is not flashing or flashing very dim (especially with the parking or headlights on), the flasher can (located under the dash) is turning off and on too fast. Turn on the right turn signal, get out of the vehicle, and make sure that both front and back lights illuminate, then repeat for the left side. do you mean the lights on the front outer edge? this is the parking light, and not a running light. Guide to Identifying Original 1969 and 1970 Front Turn Signal/Parking Housings All 1969 and 1970 Ford Mustangs (Except Shelby) had front bumper mounted dual use parking lamp/turn signal hous-ings. Learn more - Locate turn signal flasher in Google Images. Since you replaced the Right front turn signal bulb, your problem lies in the bulb socket or the wiring to the socket. While testing the turn signal, if one signal light does not illuminate, check for corrosion in the socket, replace the bulb, and check for poor ground at the socket. i hear the click for the turn signal, and i have them in the back, but not up front. Opon trying to remove the bulbs, one of the retaining tabs on one side broke off. The green arrows in the dash do not turn on, outside the lights are not  Oct 12, 2008 i have a 2003 accord lx. The brake light bulbs have been changed and the lights failed to operate normally. I bought a new relay because it was cheap and thought it couldnt hurt. 3) I replaced junction box under rear end. I pulled out the headlight casing, and noted blackening on the indicator light base, charring on the connectors, and blackening down inside the bulb socket as well. all bulbs are good. it did this a while back but went back to normal after a couple times of working/not working. Seperate yellow runs to rear lamp, which is working. Where should I begin to look for? That is why we are home to Honda Accord turn signal switches, Honda Accord turn signal relays, Honda Accord signal bulbs and more. This am, my right turn signal did not function. The dashboard light for a burned out bulb will turn on and the turn signal light will blink quickly. In this article, we go over the most common Mercedes turn signal problems and how to diagnose such problems yourself. So, over the past few months, my front-right turn signal worked whenever it wanted to, but now it stopped working completely. Be careful not to touch the light to ground in the socket. Try the signals in both directions. There is a single LED in the front and two on the sides. i recently purchased a 92 sentra that appears to have just had a radio installed in it and the flashers or signal lights are not working. do you all think im having the same issue. It's If your turn signal lights are not working, it's best to first check the most likely reason, which is burnt light bulbs. LED turn signal lights don't have filaments unlike the standard incandescent light bulbs. "change the bulb or fuse" but its not that. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. The RH side marker and turn signal works but no headlight. You need to open the fuse box to verify this. Every front LED turn signal I have found so far is a 2-wire setup (positive and ground). Let me begin with a true story. I'm trying to find the right Chevy Mechanic for you right now. Still nothing. looked at wiring diagram, same light blue wire runs from steering column connector to indicator lamp and front lamp. The parking light uses the same 10a fuse as the tail and license plate light. But there's a way to tell if you turn signal/brake light bulb is  When I put my left turn signal on the lights on the car and on the dash will not flash, they I looked at the problem bulb and pulled on the wires leading to it and it  The lever that operates the turn signal is attached to the steering column within the vehicle and can prevent the light from working if it is defective. I removed Chevrolet Cavalier Turn Signal Switch May Fail and Cause Signals Not To Work - 190 reports. Drip some of its blood on the bad signal light; wrap the body of the rooster in a piece of paper on which you've written the VIN of the car; then bury it (the rooster, not the car!) with its head facing in the direction of Turin. - Need to install Load Resistor or Decoder for avoiding hyper flash if using as Turn Signal Light. Now with the key in and I hit the right turn signal, they workbut noticeably dimmer than the other side. Touch the test light carefully to the contacts inside the socket to see if the light flashes. This 2009 Pontiac G5 came in with the complaint that the right front turn signal and park light do not work. I have replaces  As soon as i turn on headlights or parking lights, turn signals do not work. 2000 Pontiac firebird front turn signal light bulb replacement Vehicle : 2000 Pontiac Firebird Formula Symptoms : when signaling a turn, the blinker inside the car on the dashboard does not blink, but remains solid all the time. The bulb is good. The dealer can not diagnose the failure; however, a mechanic advised her that there is a wiring problem. thanks in Re: Turn Signal Problem Your profile is empty and post doesn't mention the year, so I can't pull up the diagram. Mechanic's Assistant: Soon. I also noticed that the little turn signal light on my dashboard also flashes quickly. Also, it is legally mandatory to hold properly functioning turn Signal lights. What will cause your rear signal lights to not work when the front headlamps are working on your Your panel lights are not working and the right front signal light won't work replaced the bulb 3 times? Turn that indicator on and check to see if either the front or back light is not They are brighter than incandescents and don't throw any errors nor hyperflash in my 2017 Focus RS. they look good i think. 2010 Volkswagen Beetle Front Signal Light Order Chevrolet Impala Turn Signal Light Mini Bulb online today. As soon as they are ready, I will let you know. Hazard lights work fine. I have a Dodge Ram 1500 with tail lights LEDs bulbs and  If not attended on time, it can pose a threat to your life while you are driving. If there is no Toyota Corolla turn signal light working, it is an indication of a blown fuse. > I have a 2010 E450 and the left front Turn signal problem - posted in 73-79 Ford Truck Tech Support: I need some help with a strange electrical problem. Left turn signal works fine. If the test light flashes I would say that the sockets have lost their ground internally and need to be replaced. The video above shows you how to change a burnt out front turn signal bulb on your 2007 BMW 328i. 4 seconds. Any clue what might fix this problem? Left turn signal not working, but can't seem to fix it The rear light blinks but not the front one. Both sides have stopped working at times causing the driver to be unable to signal ongoing traffic of turn. Half the time the indicator light is steady and the rt. any help is appreciated. still in the front, you can use our LED flasher modules with no problems. I tried changing the bulb, and my husband checked the fuses and said they all seemed to be fine. I Replaced the Light Troubleshooting the Turn Signal Light on My Dodge Caravan by BretN If you flip on your turn signal and the indicator light blinks faster than normal, or if you can see that the turn signal does not come on, you have a problem. the right rear works but blinks fast and the left side is fine. When I started it, it blinked for a moment then stopped. Passenger side is working no reverse lights that I know of . it's not the fuse or  If your left or right turn signals (side mirror, headlight or tail light) have stopped working, the problem may be caused by any of the following: faulty SAM module,  . Thank you Turn Signal Not Working I have a 1999 Sportster 883 hugger. I found that the signal to cause the front lamp to blink also goes through the DRL control module for my 99 buick century custom. Shop with confidence. Another problem is both turn signals on one side not working. Did he check that the front bulb is a double filiment, one for his running lights and one for his turn? Some times the front hand lever can use some lube, if it doesn't return all the way after applying the front brake it can keep a little pressure on the switch, he might also check the switch itself, make sure it's working the way it should. 1 to 12. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Optional on the R8 outside North America was the world's first LED headlamp, made by AL-Automotive Lighting. Turn Signal Stopped Working. Note that if you're working on the right turn signal, turn the wheels to the left. Should I start checking at the turn signal switch or the connector behind the bumper??? Right turn signal out. front signal light not working

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