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35; VW Bus Complete Conversion Kit $99,999. 5 engine was fitted into Keith Seume’s T25 camper. Shop with confidence. The best in electric conversions for VW Beetles,VW Bug Conversion parts. All-Wheel-Drive VW Bug Rally Car This Volkswagen Bug has been converted to 4WD thanks to a custom nose cone on the bus transmission along with a custom front suspension. A little about me - By day, I design and build police cars out in Olathe, KS. com DIY kits transform cars into trucks or "utes". Take the guesswork out of mating your engine and transaxle. See more ideas about Beach buggy, Kit cars and Motorcycles. 5L, 2. If you are embarking on a Volkswagen Subaru engine conversion, you have come to the right place. 1--I live in the VW hinterlands. The only thing missing from this car is a red cape with a gigantic S on it. Volkswagen VW Beetle/Bug EV Conversion Complete Kit, Regen  Aug 27, 2009 He mentioned a few different engine exchange kits he had heard of, Fun Engine Swap: A Volkswagen Bug with a Subaru WRX STI Engine. Whether competing for a prize or for the simple joy of it, this is a pastime many people dedicate their time and energy to for the fun of it. Remove Wiring Harness 3. Everyone offers different upgrades and custom options, especially in the Subaru world. In addition to Subaru conversions on Vanagons, we also do Subaru conversions on the Bay Window  Contact Us. 095 wall. $291. The history and making of the VW Vanagon (T3) The VW Vanagon (aka T3 in Europe, aka T25 in the UK and Ireland) was the third generation of the VW Transporter, which was produced in Germany from 1979 until 1992 and was the last VW Transporter generation with the engine in the rear of the vehicle. And the "easiest" approaches involve fitting a VW body over a working 4x4 chassis (Jeep, Subaru, etc). Complete installation of late model, low mileage EJ25 engines starting at about $13,000*. Complete conversion kits for the more common conversions, including everything needed; As Featured in Ultra VW Magazine: The June - August 2007 issues of Ultra VW magazine featured an 11 page write up showing how we fitted a Subaru 2. All the hardware came with the kit: Adapter, flywheel, nuts & bolts. Peace-Vans-Customization-45 Subaru. Smyth Performance, Inc. Reborn electric. 2 Liter (EJ22) conversion into a 1983-1991 VW Vanagon or Westfalia. Apr 22, 2011 -I've just completed my second subaru conversion. 5-liter or 2. Older Subaru transaxles (TY752, early TY754) use an older style shaft seal and Subaru stub axles. conversion kits for Audi, VW, Subaru and Dodge Charger The turbo kit is slightly more complex, and so costs slightly more. today, we want you to know what we do and the things we make. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Mark V. 93. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Lift kits for VW MK4 Beetle Golf and Jetta. The studs are installed to slide right into the VW transmission. http ://www. Subastub axles are for use in Subaru transaxles using the newer style shaft seals (5MT TY754 late and up, 6MT TY751 & TY756, 6 STi TY85). com/product/engine-conversion-2-0ltr/. ) costs can increase substantially. Volkswagen VW Beetle/Bug EV Conversion Complete Kit, Regen Brakes, Battery Packs 1956-1977. A Subaru engine fits amazingly well into the VW Vanagon and you’ll be blown away by the difference it makes. Provides heat kennedy adapter subaru kit with flywheel3x3 long travel rear. "The fairytale of the bad Porsche transmission" … that is how you could describe what so called insiders report about the installation of a Porsche transmission into a VW Bug for many years. Whatever engine you choose, you’ll be amazed by the change in your Bus’ power and ride. We can do the conversion on all the VW's whether you are looking for a motorway cruiser or a turbo-charged monster. -Decide on a place for getting the wires through the firewall (for full bodied bugs). 00 The EV West VW Beetle Starter Kit is perfect for those looking for a professional fit and finish on the drive components, but are willing to build and install their own battery system. Add to Cart. . Suspension para levantar Volkswagen MKIV Beetle Golf Jetta, | Lift kits for VW MK4 Beetle Golf and Jetta. Enjoy up to 15% off your order, Free Shipping, & More! Torsion Spring Plate Conversion kit I wanted to show the adapter plate, and how this Subaru engine bolts to the Beetle. 7050 today to find out how we can help you with your VW Vanagon. In recent years we have developed a gearbox suitable for the power and rev range of all the Subaru engines. Install Subaru Engine 7. The infrastructure of a Subaru motor has an amazing . Looking for an electric car conversion kit? Yeah, you can build your own electric car, if you can manage to change your own oil and wiper blades. For the entire six months before your conversion I averaged 17. Final Elements Aircooled Vanagon Rear drive conversion kit. You could even add a turbo setup to the acvw  Products 1 - 14 of 14 Factory Five Project 818 Electric Conversion Kit, AC Motor, Regen . This type of engine 1956 VW Beetle Sunroof Sedan with Subaru STI power For Sale! This Custom Oval Ragtop is something very special. really cool ute conversion kits for the Jetta, Audi A4, Subaru Impreza,  Dec 14, 2017 From punch-line to track terror, it's time to evolve your Volkswagen Beetlel. 0 To 3. Volks-Swap :: Conversion Pictures :: Bug w/Subaru Bug with a huge Subaru engine conversion, Yes people a 6 cylinder engine fitted into a bug, it can be done 67' Bug with a huge Subaru 3. The Vanagon charcoal canister is retained. So I'm posting the tail end of my build thread here, since it looks like there are a lot of swap savvy subaru enthusiasts here and I humbly ask for your advice and knowledge in advance Title sort of covers it -- I have an EJ22 (pre-OBDII, but not sure what year exactly) and I'm swapping it into my 1973 VW bus. , we get to enjoy this funky ’67 VW Beetle pickup conversion here on craigslist. Basically you're getting a VW motor on steroids. 3 Liter, EJ20, To Vw 002 Bus Or Beetle This is the correct kit for the Beetle EJ 20 and EJ 25 Conversion. We use Subaru engines because they have the same flat four configuration as a Volkswagen engine and are therefore an ideal fit and minimal modification is required. He doesn’t know anything about it, and was hoping someone here might know what kit it is, or if it’s more likely a one-off project. yeah I posted a few on here "subaru turbo in a bug" Most of my pics is in shoptalkforums. “Bolt-On” VW Performance Improvements for your Stock VW . Remove Vanagon Engine 5. Besides the power it's quite enough that passengers can talk without having to scream, it has less vibrations throughout(i cant even tell when the engine is on at idle), and it's super easy to drive now. For more than a decade we have been offering the solid reliability and driveability of Subaru power plants for your Volkswagen Vanagon camper or tin top. Use Subastub axles if you are using Subaflanges or the earlier 5MT CV joints in your conversion. Lower emissions – Subaru engines are partial zero emissions vehicles (pzev). More options available – please contact us for more options. Subaru powered Corvair. This Bonkers VW Beetle Has Subaru STI Power And It’s For Sale almost ten times the bug's original horsepower. Save vw subaru conversion kit to get email alerts VW Tri Bar Light Headlights Conversion Kit bug ghia bus split oval samba thing Ford Holden Mazda Nissan Welcome, By visiting BGW Spectre Ltd. Shoptalkforums. Buy Kennedy Engine Adapter For Subaru 2. Welcome to BUSARU. . ABOUT THE CONVERSIONS. This show is of the KEP adapter plate bolted to the engine. Yay you made it to the kit that will make your conversion much easier! This is the kit you NEED! Complete Exhaust System Complete Adapter Kit Complete Clutch Kit Shortened Oil Pan Shortened Oil Pickup Air Intake Tube Air Filter Engine Crossmember with Hardware Aluminum Radiator Radiator Rubber pads Electric Fans with Fan Mounts Thermostat Switch Radiator Mount Material and Hardware Drivers Tired of maintaining a touchy VW engine that was never really built for such a heavy vehicle? Ready for more power and better zip? A Subaru Conversion is the way to go and we are the ones to do it for you. Besides the power it's quite enough that  Rear drive conversion kit - everything you need to convert your own donor transmission. Porsche 930 Conversion Kit for Type 2 VW Bus 002 Transmission To 930 Cv Joints Vw Rear IRS Suspension Kit 3X3 Trailing Arms, VW Bug Trans / Bus CVs Part Number SubiWorks - is dedicated to bringing the best quality conversion and Subaru accessories to market. 2L, 2. Thinking about a heart transplant for your air-cooled Volkswagen? You are in the right place! Post any questions/suggestions/stories you might have, or pictures of your conversion. It was mounted to a built IRS tranny, and it broke. Install Subaru Engine 6B. VW Subaru Conversion Exhaust. Contact us for more information on your Volkswagen Bug or Beetle. Add a Subaru engine and 2WD 5 speed transmission to a Beetle, Kombi or Vanagon without cutting the torsion bar. You can just bolt the Subi engine straight up to the bug gearbox, you just need an adapter kit. Add a Subaru 2WD 5 speed transmission to your aircooled VW motor (or other motors) using an adaptor plate and flywheel. I've done the EJ20 swap a while back. TYPE 2 BUS CONVERSIONS ABOUT THE CONVERSIONS In addition to Subaru conversions on Vanagons we also do Subaru conversions on the Bay Window VW Buses We offer these conversions with the 4-cylinder Subaru engines 2 2L and 2 5L These engines range from 135 to 173 HP More importantly the reliability and Subaru 2WD Conversion Kit Bremar Automotion has developed the necessary components required to convert a 5 speed manual AWD Subaru gearbox to a 2WD transaxle suitable for use in mid mount engine applications. 2008 - Concept 5 Cooling System Configuration: This past summer I converted my 1985 Westy to a Subaru EJ22 engine For this conversion I wanted to experiment with a further refinement to my cooling system arrangement. If your baja bug has a generator at the moment and your want the higher output that an alternator offers, we have conversion kits to swap your charging system  Jun 12, 2019 Volkswagen's Tarok is the small pickup it thinks you want Performance has unveiled a conversion kit to turn a VW New Beetle into a pickup also offers kits to turn the VW Golf and Jetta, Audi A4, Subaru Impreza and even  Jun 12, 2019 conversion kit to turn a VW New Beetle into an especially cute ute. This page was inspired by Anthony Johnston but may go in a slightly different direction Paul McDonell, Nova Scotia, Canada Bug@5speed Conversion Kits available. Subaru EJ 25 engine Built by Outfront Motor sports USA . According to Steve – the owner, who also built the car – the coolant lines are routed through the former heater ducts. The adventure starts with the build of your travel vehicle, and you can find parts, build info, and community to help with your Subaru engine conversion into your VW. major coin on an engine rebuild or a blueprinted engine to have fun in the Bug. 3L H6 Engine Conversion, Yes People A 6 Cylinder Engine Fitted Into Bug, It Can Be Done See more VW BUG KITS * DUNE BUGGY SAND RAILS * VW MOTORCYCLES * TRIKES * AIRPLANES STATIONARY POWER We are now the sole supplier for many of the parts and kits that have been supplied since the '60s and '70s, the following are just a few: Otto Parts * Crown * Mid-Engineering * Kelmark * Fitch Chirco has been the #1 distributor of VW Body and Trim Parts for over 34 years. All prices are for the *entry level* conversion installation, conversion kit, or Waterboxer engine service. These kits contain an adapter plate and all necessary hardware to help fit the bare engine to the transaxle. COMMODORE V6 ENGINE ADAPTOR SUPPLIED WITH NEW STEEL BILLET FLYWHEEL & BOLTS GOLF PASSAT - AUDI 1500, 1600, 1800, 2L PETROL & DIESEL Some options involve grafting a VW 4x4 drivetrain into the "stock" setup. These kits are produced exclusively by Subarugears and are made from high quality billet steel. All perfect candidates. Turns out this virtually unassuming bug is powered by non-other but a Subaru boxer engine. For the   Mar 26, 2019 VW New Beetle Truck Conversion Kit Is Already A Best-Seller conversion kits for a range of vehicles including the Subaru Impreza, VW Jetta  Su baru to VW Automatic Adapter Plate and Flex Plate Kit. When it comes to adrenaline and speed, you can’t beat the thrill of sand cars, dune buggies, street racers, or any custom racing vehicle. Find the best deals for used volkswagen baja bug kit. 5T). Complete Engine Conversion; Complete Subaru Engines Subaru Conversion Kits Diy TYPE 25 ; TYPE 25 AUTOMATIC; Subaru Engine Ancillaries; Subaru Engine Parts The auction listing is light on detail, but the pictures show that a lot of work went into this build. This is the four cylinder variant and it has been bolted by means of an adapter plate to the beefed up Volkswagen transaxle. The budget alternative to that has always been a Subaru flat-four, because when it Classic VW Complete Air Ride Kit - 1002. The 1972 VW Beetle below is being powered by a Subaru EJ207 from a WRX STI connected to a Porsche 964 G50 transmission. Jan 3, 2017 Although this 1971 Volkswagen Beetle is still powered by a flat-four, the is now powered by a rebuilt Subaru 2. 5 Suba-Beetle The most complete conversion kit on the market! Convert your Volkswagen Vanagon motor to a Subaru 2. Tom Shiels and myself (Laurence Smith) located in Ontario, Canada are quite simply addicted to fooling around with Vanagons. 3 Liter, EJ20, To Vw 002 Bus Or Beetle Transmission 200Mm from Pacific Customs Unlimited your best source for Street, Off Road, Sandrail, Dune Buggy, Manx, Rock Crawler, Volksrod, or Mud Buggy VW Parts. com Creators of the original ’60s Meyers Manx dune buggy, now producing the VW-based Manxter 2+2 buggy, Manxter DualSport, and Manxter Kick-Out Texas Buggy's Victoria, Texas 77904 (361) 288-7588 www. Weddle Industries now stocks adapter kits to help you mate a VW style bell housing to most of today’s common engine packages (see applications below). Get some extra horses in your Volkswagen In-depth conversion overview We specialise in replacing air-cooled engines for a modern flat 4 water-cooled Subaru engine. Buy Empi Wide Rear Disc Brake Kit, Dune Buggy Baja Bug: EMPI 00-9451-0 CHROME ALTERNATOR WITH CHROME KIT, VW BUG, SAND RAIL 4. The kit for the Classic VW Beetle includes just about everything you need. '68 VW Subaru Conversion. 518. Not worth it. Putting a Subaru in the bug means I can take a short bikeride to the dealer to get high quality parts to fix the bloody thing instead of waiting and being without a car. Steve owns this ’71 VW Beetle that’s had the rear removed and converted into a pick-up truck, which he bought as a project a few months ago. But if you want  "Best looking conversion I've seen, and its all mine! The Bus is so relaxing to drive with the new powerful Subaru swap. Will bolt to stock VW Transaxle includes Kennedy Adapter Plate & Flywheel Conversion Kit Exhaust Manifold $175 Vanagon Subaru Motor Mount Cross Member $150 Great for VW Conversion for: Thing, Bug, Baja Bug, Bus, Vanagon, Ghia, Fastback, Wagon, Dune Buggy, Sandrail Smog Legal Conversion for 1980+ Vanagons Cash only with Local Pickup by VW New Beetle pickup truck conversion kit has striking design. Whether it’s something as simple as a new cap for the water tank or a major restoration, we can do it for you — or just send you the parts. e-mail to discuss your options! Jul 7, 2019- Explore beentravelin's board "VW Bug kit cars", followed by 146 people on Pinterest. Find great deals on eBay for subaru vw conversion kit. The Subaru ECU and wiring are retained, but modified per KEP instructions. So You Want To Engine Swap Your VW Eh? Here is a few things to consider when thinking about swapping a subaru engine or a gm Ecotec engine into your Volkswagen. subaru engine into a VW bug Type 1 Car Forums . Ask a question about this product Ask the Pro's! INSTANT SHIPPING ESTIMATE Add to your cart with options selected Volks-Swap :: Conversion Pictures :: Bug w/Subaru This site is dedicated for those of you who want to convert thier oldschool VW into a modern watercooled monster! 67' Bug With A Huge Subaru 3. Make it fit. A Pro Street Bug Stage III chassis was professionally fabricated for this Beetle to make the V8 swap safe and reliable. Add a complete Subaru engine and 4WD transmission / drivetrain to a vehicle. Vanagon 101. 5 Liter To Vw 002 Bus Or Beetle Transmission 200Mm Flywhl: Engine - Amazon. 3L H6 engine conversion, Yes people a 6 cylinder engine fitted into a bug, it can be done #vwrxProject #vwrx #VW #Volkswagen #T1 #Beetle #Bug #Fusca #Subaru # Subaru conversion for your Vanagon Westfalia 1983-1991 Subaru used 140$ or rebuilt at 275$ are way more reliable than the old VW engines. fellowsspeedshop. car then a naturally-aspirated 2. You use an AWD transmission, use a splined coupler to make it FWD, grind out some casting ribs inside the front diff area of the case, put the reverse ring and pinion in with the diff flipped, use custom axle stubs to go to VAG CV cups, and build mounts for it. Our aim is to make them perform and handle better without losing their unique character. Wiring Harness 4. Volkswagen VW Thing EV Conversion Kit, AC Motor, Regen Braking, 1968-1980. Smyth Performance , Inc. If you are rich and slightly mad, you can always put a Porsche engine where an air-cooled VW unit used to be. In our large aircooled VW warehouse we offer the VW baja bug one piece front end. Suits Subaru or bolts straight into VW Chassis conversion. Other versions involve a body off conversion to a 4x4 system donated by another vehicle. Subaru inspection 2A. Bellhousing Kits for Naturally Aspirated Subaru Clutches: This kit joins any 1968 - 1990 (1992 Syncro) VW bus transaxle to any 1990 - present Subaru engine which uses a ‘push to release’ clutch (as fitted to naturally aspirated Subarus). The car apparently came from Australia and details of the build are on this forum page . New fender welting; New door seals in box still; New full glass rubber kit – new in box . Here’s a quick overview of the VW Bug Electric conversion process – of course, no short article can ever tell you all you need to know for an EV conversion. First, as you know I have always kept close track of my '87 Vanagon's gas mileage. Remove Donor Engine 2B. In what looks like a well-executed chop job on the Beetle’s rear end, this example comes with an extra dose of utility not afforded by the conventional two-door body style of a regular Beetle. Will also work to mount a Subaru engine with adaptor plate and VW  SubiStuff Sump Plus Kit · Sump Fitted to EJ VW Subaru Transmission Shift Coupler - SUBASHIFTER Conversion Axle - Type 1 (Bug, K Ghia, Type 3, 181). Thank you for visiting RJ Engineered Solutions web site - if you are looking for top quality products for converting your VW to Subaru power, or information about   Welcome to BUSARU. texasbuggys. We specialize in converting innefficient,polluting gasoline cars to clean,efficient electric vehicles that can be charged with renewable fuels in a hybrid fashion or off-the-grid via solar charging stations at home. If you have your own Subaru gearbox ready for conversion you can buy the reverse drive ring gear and pinion kit ready for installation to your VW or buggy. Jun 11, 2012 VW's Type 1 may no longer be the People's Car, but today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Beetle is a car for people who like Subaru motors. 2 psi) of boost. Subaru motors are the latest rage for sandrail applications. Box 1491 Valley Center, CA 92082 (760) 749-6321 www. 0 EJ20G imported from Japan. 1. subaru engine adaptors supplied with new steel billet flywheel & bolts to fit from 1989 - 2012. Refer to Cooling System Kit - Cooling System Kits. We offer these conversions with all 4-cylinder Subaru engines (2. Not many V8 conversion Beetles are for sale so this is your chance to own one that was built by the professionals. -The EJ22 is realatively lightweight (about 40lb penalty over stock VW), but, because of I do, however, recommend that you order your adapter kit through a retailer. The adventure starts with the build of  Aug 2, 2017 You can do anything from converting its stock flat-four to run on Weber carbs, to swapping in an engine from the Porsche 356. The point being, I will spend far less on this type of setup than converting to a Subaru engine. Baja Beetle suspension parts. We offer a VW Disc Brake Conversion Kit with easy install instructions. [VW Beetle] Price: $7,598. Baja Bug Parts & Accessories . com in the conversion section under "got my ej20T" _____ 1969 type 1 rolling subie power ej20k w/vf-22 roller bearing turbo ems stinger 4424 engine management wide 5 discs soon to be subaru 5 speed! Got the reversed gears just need to find time to install After developing an efficient cooling system for the Subaru engine the answer was 'Yes'. "I wanted to give you a progress report on my Vanagon to Subaru conversion that you did just before Christmas 2001. and some tips that may help Smythkitcars. 3 times to be exact. Chirco offers many kids of baja kits for Volkswagens. Items 1 to 12 of 20 total VW Beetle 3 inch Body Lift Kit. We're located in Redondo Beach, California. VW Engine Conversion Message Board. meyersmanx. This Beetle is a German-market model from 1965 and the seller says its restoration began in 2004. This article is for the aircooled VW owner who ask “What relatively straightforward modifications can I do to make my aircooled VW faster and even more fun to drive — without breaking the bank?” Knock down kits start as low as $305 Meyers Manx P. jpg Subaru Conversion ( EJ25 SOHC and other options available). In addition to Subaru conversions on Vanagons, we also do Subaru conversions on Type 2 VW Buses. a bunch of other parts pertinent to the engine conversion, along with their price tags,  The Elite Provider of High Performance Clutches for VW & Porsche Once Hobert designed his first engine adapter kit, he needed a high Subaru Vanagon. The engine is producing 350+ horsepower from 1. We are a custom - make to order - plastiglass manufacturer with three product lines. We all know that early air cooled VW transaxles are becoming harder to find in re-buildable condition and for real world drivers this is an excellent option. This is with the KEP flywheel bolted into place. Brought in from USA with kit car and never used. com For Your Air Cooled Pleasure! Mid engine 66 bug subaru powered. Subaru conversions are becoming more common place due to there enhanced performance and relative low cost over larger CC WV motors. The infrastructure of a Subaru motor has an amazing growth path to produce loads of HP with bolt on parts. It's being developed by Smyth Performance that has produced kits for the VW Jetta and Golf, Subaru Impreza and Dodge Charger. Complete with VW conversion kit and clutch,header tank and wiring harness. Fellows Speed Shop Ltd are Subaru Engine Conversion specialist in VW’s, also producing our own Brakes and Steering. This will Flexplate Adapter Spacer TH350 TH400 Conversion Swap For LS Based Engines 98-04. Wiring Harness Conversion Subaru Engine Conversion Info Resources SubaruVanagon Convert to Subaru. Classic Beetle/Subaru Engine Conversion - Intro and Advice Needed I'm completely new to the Subaru game and this forum, but I'm trying to keep up. Subaru Engine Prep 6A. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Items 1 to 12 of 9 Volkswagen from $750. Below is a Video provided by JBUGS & contains general information and installation details about their VW Disc Brakes This web site may be of interest to those considering doing a Subaru 2. Heavy Duty Skid Plates for VW Beetle Golf and Jetta. I can't afford to have the bug off the road for weeks. Adapter Plates & Kits Weddle Industries stocks a wide variety of adapter kits to fit many common engine/transaxle combinations using VW and LS bolt patterns. Kennedy Engine Adapter For Subaru 2. Although this 1971 Volkswagen Beetle is still powered by a flat-four, the engine’s displacement and output has increased. Instead of the factory German designed motor this little Beetle is now powered by a rebuilt Subaru 2. If you start adding options and/or fixing other related systems (like the entire cooling system, air conditioning, etc. We always keep JDM (Japanese Domestic Model) Subaru pre-owned motors in stock. The CARB Executive order refers to a complete kit, and is to be sold this way, not as individual components. Closed deck Never fitted or started. We are happy to sell SCAT VW Engine Kits! Check out all that we have to offer for your Volkswagen. conversion kits for Audi, VW, Subaru and Dodge Charger. In the end, our goal is to have satisfied customers! An example of our VW bug kit is shown below- there are many additions and substitutions available in any kit. com is the one stop shop for classic VW Beetle, Super Beetle, Bus/ Type 2, Karmann Ghia, Type 3 and Thing Parts. We specialize in rebuilding and zelectrifying the 1958-1967 Volkswagen Beetle, Split-Window VW Microbus, 1960s Karmann Ghia, 1973-74 VW Thing, and early Porsches. 1 VW engine. I paid $500 for the running Subaru Liberty fresh out of rego from a local private seller. It takes a little know-how, but it's not rocket science. 2 L or 2. De Konjel Using custom box frame,T3 Vanagon Syncro and an Audi motor. This site is designed to help anyone thinking about doing a custom engine conversion in the back of your old-school V-dub. JBugs. Type 2 VW Bus Conversion. 5 miles to the gallon with the 2. Your vehicle then becomes a truely clean renewable mode of transportation, and YOU then become PART OF THE SOLUTION instead of part of the problem,. Just call Cesar at 619. This site is dedicated for those of you who want to convert thier oldschool VW into a modern watercooled monster! Our VW baja and racing VW roll cages are made of mild steel . If we don’t see what you need here, we can most likely get if for you. com "Manx Style Kennedy Engine Adapter For Subaru 2. 2-liter Subaru boxer four-cylinder in  Subaru EJ22 Phase II Engine 2. More smiles per mile – Because every time you put your foot down in a Subaru powered van, you will be smiling! All our Subaru conversions include a rebuilt, zero-mile engine with race bearings, rebuilt heads, and high volume oil pump. But either way, we’ll do it right AND right away. Possibly one of Subaru+VW. 00  Subaru motors are the latest rage for sandrail applications. It was a fully professional build with a super hefty price tag. Still, if you like the look of the Bug but want something with a little more poop and a lot more Subaru than VW ever could offer then this does seem to provide a reasonably solid base for future Beetles newer than 1995 are difficult or impossible to convert, due to their computers, but older ones are entirely appropriate for an electric vehicle conversion. Smythkitcars. 2L SOHC Subaru EJ25 Engine 2. Conversion parts porsche transmission 901/914 that enables you to equip your loved Beetle or related car with a torque durable Porsche 5 speed gearbox. It takes weeks to get quality aircooled parts shipped (usually from cali). A check engine light must be installed on the dash. O. _____ Quick little bug, you got a Porsche motor in that? 1974 Germanlook 1303 2. 2 To 2. That’s right Rancho is now making it possible to install a 5-speed Subaru into your Beetle or bus along with all the advantages these rugged and easily obtainable transaxle assemblies offer. 5L DOHC EJ25 Motor Mount $48. 5 L and gain that needed horsepower. Converting to VW Disc Brakes will provide more reliable, consistent, straight line stopping power, and perform better in wet weather. Also available is the Volkswagen VW 7 piece wide eye baja kit, extra thick. Street legal long travel baja with sand tires 55 oval window ragtop. Our primary lines are VW based using the type I R/S Bug &/or Super Beetle as a donor car. "Best looking conversion I've seen, and its all mine! The Bus is so relaxing to drive with the new powerful Subaru swap. 6 bar (23. “Lowering kits, drop spindles, four-wheel disc brakes, and bigger . 3 out of 5 stars 10. 0T, and 2. disc brakes manufactured & supplied as a complete kit * blank undrilled rotors, drums & rear splined hubs * available in any bolt pattern * all kits include new discs, pads, calipers, seals, bearings & mounting plates * engine adapters to fit all subaru's or 120 different other engines to vw's called "universal" kit-which we have found does not usually meet expectations in performance or reliability. Quality Subaru Conversions for Vanagons. There is a guy making reverse cut ring and pinions for subaru AWD transmissions. 254 likes. subaru conversion kit for vw bug

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